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Women in Construction at Southern Site

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At Southern Site, we love good humans and consider them the reason we’re in businesses.  Some of those good humans we’ve managed to bring on are women. They work hard, bring a unique perspective to the team, and form strong relationships in a historically male-dominated world. 

We wouldn’t be telling it like it is if we didn’t share some of their stories with you. We don’t need a particular reason, but celebrating women throughout the month of March, first with Women in Construction and then with Women’s History Month, gives us a good excuse to show off a couple of our awesome ladies running heavy equipment in the field.

Megan Macioszek, Operator

Heavy construction wasn’t on Megan’s radar until she started working in it almost accidentally. She was in college for mechanical engineering, but when COVID hit, she went back home to work concrete with her stepdad.  It was as much of a surprise to her as anyone to discover she had a passion for construction. “It’s not what I expected to be doing, but now I can’t picture myself doing anything else.” 

As far as working in a field historically dominated by men? Megan says maybe she’s lucky–but she’s never had anything but love from her crew. “I know it might seem a little far-fetched, but it’s not weird. It’s never awkward.  They’re like brothers.”

Savannah Winkles, Mainline Trackhoe Operator

When Savannah overheard people saying, “women can’t do things like that,” it cemented her decision to try a career in construction. “I wanted to show that we are capable of doing anything, whether we are big, small, or even really young.”

Savannah started on a 6’x6’ roller, and when she laid eyes on her first big excavator, she took aim. “It was the biggest thing I’d ever seen in my life, and I wanted to drive it.” Since working for Southern Site, she’s been encouraged to reach for the sky. She’s got her younger siblings’ eyes on her, as well as so many other young people who are just starting. “When I come out here, and my foreman asks me to dig a ditch, that’s my canvass.  I am trying to make this big masterpiece for everyone in the world to see, and I want to get as close to perfection as I possibly can.  I take so much pride in my work.”

Nikki DeLuca, Human Resources and Communications Manager

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention someone who keeps everything together.  Nikki DeLuca‘s many talents are put to use at Southern Site from her position as the HR and Communications Manager.  She is a powerful force in keeping Southern Site’s people happy and healthy. 

Ryan was smart enough to realize what a treasure Nikki was before starting Southern Site, and we’re glad he convinced her to come along for the ride. Nikki is a genuine people person who gets the work done, and we all depend on her to make our team successful.

We love good people, and during Women in Construction week it’s a joy to celebrate the stories of some of our best, who also happen to be women. With leaders like Megan, Savannah, and Nikki on board, the future of construction looks bright.