Vendor Spotlight: Landon Houston of Southern Pipe and Supply - Southern Site

Vendor Spotlight: Landon Houston of Southern Pipe and Supply

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“Southern Site must be good at their job because they always have work. I have a lot of respect for them–they pay their bills on time.” — Landon Houston

Anyone in the construction industry knows that behind a successfully completed project are many people from various outfits.  Of course, you have the general contractors and the subcontractors, but that’s just scratching the surface. Within each team, it’s the individuals that make the work happen every single day. 

At Southern Site, we’re well aware that the outcome of a great project is the result of many hands. Or, in some cases, many minds, experiences, and sets of knowledge.

That’s why we want to draw attention to some of our great suppliers. Without these connections, we’d be up a creek. 

One such supplier is Southern Pipe and Supply. With over one hundred locations spread across seven states, it could be easy to get lost in the mix–but that doesn’t happen, thanks to the detailed attention we get from Landon Houston. 

 Landon graduated from the University of Tennessee in ‘06, unsure of what was next.  A friend had gotten into the Heavy Civil industry and introduced Landon to Southern Pipe and Supply’s warehouse. So Landon started out in the industry by pulling parts and fulfilling orders.

Today, Landon is a part of the team running the Water and Sewer Division. As Southern Site’s designated rep at Southern Pipe, Landon makes sure Southern Site has what we need for each job. He connects us with everything pertaining to water, sewer, and storm drain, including electrical supplies. Things like precast, manholes, PVC for water, cast iron casings, curb inlets and drains, electrical supplies, pads, duct banks, and much, much more. 

Landon also makes sure that our big pipe –usually ordered directly from US Pipe–gets to the right job site at the right time. Another benefit of having a dynamic connection with Landon and Southern Pipe is that we collaborate. When our Estimating Manager Matt Baltz is going over preliminary plans for a project, he might spend some time on the phone getting Landon’s take on things.  Nothing is bought or sold; it’s just a part of a real relationship with a great person and a great company.

We’re grateful for the numerous people that make each project possible, especially Landon Houston at Southern Pipe and Supply. Here’s to a future of successful work together!