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Southern Site began with the simple idea of delivering better service.

In our business, there are no secrets about delivering fantastic service or high-quality products. Even though the recipe is simple, it takes nonstop hard work and doing the right thing to make it a reality. For us, it all comes down to treating our team members as our top priority, being upfront and honest with each client, and putting in our maximum work and effort to build each job.

Our People First

We put our team members first, and we’re not afraid to say it. If we ensure they’re taken care of, we know they’ll take care of each project and client.

Upfront and Honest

We’re not big with secrets. We’re as transparent as possible with both our team and clients to resolve problems and build each project.

Maximum Effort

New communities don’t happen by accident. We love putting in the work and it’s why we’re so proud of what we do.


Thanks to our fleet, team, and technology, we can take care of excavation projects from small commercial developments to entirely new neighborhoods. We also have a team of rock-star (pun intended) drillers and blasters to remove any existing rock.


Our pipe crews can install all site utilities from water to sewer to storm. While no one ever thinks about utilities, no one could survive without them.

Erosion Control

We have multiple crews dedicated to ensuring all site erosion control measures are fully functional for our own sites and others. They work rain or shine to keep the surrounding environment safe from runoff and other hazards.


Before turning site development projects over to the homebuilders or returning traffic back to normal on DOT work, we finish grade and pave all roads

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If you’re looking for a partner on your upcoming civil construction project or have a question before you even put the job out to bid, we’re happy to help.

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