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We're safe because people depend on us.

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Our safety culture is engrained at all levels of our company.

Southern Site Contractors has Safety as our number one objective. In every step of every process on all our jobs, we encourage and execute safe work habits that eliminate or at least, greatly reduces the hazards of our processes. Our coordinated effort is to give our people a voice to communicate at any level. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Watch our Safety Overview

Our Safety Approach


New Hire Training

Every new hire at SSC receives thorough safety training throughout the first day, week, and month of their employment.

  • Southern Site Safety Training Video
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • In-field Training (HCSS sign-off)
  • 4 Hour Training


Ongoing Safety Training

We ensure our entire team at Southern Site receives actionable continuous education on how to improve their safety efforts.

  • Jobsite Safety Training for Trenching
  • Daily JSA Training & Awareness
  • Weekly Toolbox Talk
  • Near Miss & Observations Training
  • Company Review & Safety Refresher Course
  • Flagging Certification
  • CPR and First Aid Training



HCSS Safety

Each of our PMs, Superintendents, and Foreman have iPads with HCSS Safety installed for in-field jobsite analysis.

  • In-Field iPads
  • Daily Jobsite Safety Analysis
  • Live Reporting to Safety Manager
  • Integrated with Continuous Safety Training



Our team fills out a Jobsite Safety Analysis daily to ensure everyone is capable of performing their roles safely and properly.

  • Capable of identifying hazards
  • Ensures working conditions are proper
  • Authorized to take prompt correct measures


Safety Inspections

We proactively and continuously inspect our jobsites to ensure our team, our partners, and our community is safe.

  • Daily Jobsite Inspections
  • Safety Analysis & Discussions
  • Hazard Reduction Reviews
  • Near Miss and Observations Reviews


Weather Day Bonus Program

Our weather day program includes safety metrics that must be met in order to qualify for the earned days. Our program is set up for our employees to be rewarded for proper safety when the weather prevents our team from operating.

When I think about safety. I think about my responsibility as the leader of the company to ensure that all of our team members are able to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Protecting them is the biggest part of this responsibility.
Ryan Clinard
Division President
Ryan Clinard headshot
I believe the common goal for our safety culture is to protect the emotional and physical well-being of our team members which creates loyalty and a positive business reputation.
Erin Eckard
Assistant Project Manager
Erin Eckard headshot
My crew is my family and safety are the house rules we implement into our jobsite every day. Southern Site provides us with the right tools to live by them.
Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell  headshot
When I came to Southern Site it was a big change from what I had done in the past. While I’ve been here, we have made monumental steps in keeping men and women safe on the job site. Our safety director ensures we are up to date on the latest safety measures and we are now at the forefront of job site safety. Whether it be our safety handbooks, HCSS, or on the job training we always make safety our first priority.
Dent Burger
Project Manager
Dent Burger headshot
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Meet Our Safety Director, Toby Ellis

In an industry that has so many moving parts, we strive to create good work habits that have safety built into our processes in order to make good everyday decisions. The greatest asset we have is our employees. We give our employees the proper training in the classroom as well as the field to give them the necessary tools to be safe and efficient in order to grow with the company. We want everyone here to view Southern Site as a career, not just a job.

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