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Waters Edge

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About This Project

General Overview

The Waters Edge subdivision is a major project with many moving parts, as we help Goodall Homes create a housing development in Franklin, Tennessee. The full job site consists of 60 acres. As the general contractor on this job, Southern Site is in charge of all earthwork, grading, and utilities for the development’s housing pads.

Challenges and Unique Features

As a job site consisting of mostly dirt, the weather will be a significant factor in this project. Whenever the weather gets too cold or rainy, our work will need to slow down to accommodate the weather, so we needed to plan for that before starting our work.

Additionally, the sheer size of a 60-acre job site is always challenging. Public relations are also important, as we need to keep the City of Franklin happy while performing our work.


Our Approach

We are currently working on Phase 6 of Waters Edge, which is an 18-acre portion of the site that includes 72 lots. Once we finish that, we’ll get started on Phase 7, encompassing 27 acres and including a walking trail that surrounds both the Phase 6 and 7 areas. We hope to wrap up Phase 6 by the fall of 2021, with Phase 7 following in the winter.

In total, we moved more than 100,000 cubic yards of topsoil from the job site and excavated a 200’ x 200’ x 45’ area to provide usable shot rock for fills. We will also need to install a new offsite sanitary sewer gravity main and hundreds of feet each of storm drain, water main, and electrical conduit.

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  • Type of WorkSite Development
  • LocationFranklin, TN
  • OwnerGoodall Homes
  • ScopeEarthwork, grading, and utilities