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Shadow Green

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General Overview
Located in Franklin, Tennessee, the Shadow Green project is a 15-acre residential townhome development consisting of 192 units. Southern Site performed full site development on this job, including everything from erosion control through paving.

At the time, this was our largest earthwork job to date, which consisted primarily of rock. We also constructed a concrete underground detention facility beneath the parking lot next to one of the multifamily units. Additionally, the lower portion of the site had an 18-inch, 10-foot undercut.

Shadow Green

Challenges and Unique Features
An interesting aspect of this project involved building a spur road through the training facility used by the local sheriff and police departments. Their shooting range was right next to this portion of the site, so when we were running our dozers to build the spur road, there were officers shooting right beside our operators.

The size and scope of this project was also a challenge in itself, as we had never done this much earthwork or constructed a detention structure of this size before.


Southern Site performed a significant amount of excavation on this project, as we moved 105,000 CY of dirt and 67,000 CY of rock. Our utility installation was a major undertaking as well, with 2,800 LF of sewer, 2,844 LF of water, 4,200 LF of storm drain, and 3,900 LF of electric. We also installed 350 box culverts at Shadow Green.

We would like to recognize the efforts of Jeff Douglas on the Shadow Green project. Jeff came in toward the end of the project, and he did an incredible job helping us finish the utility work on this site. All told, this was far from an easy job, but we completed all of our work to the client’s satisfaction.

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  • Type of WorkSite Work
  • LocationFranklin, Tennessee
  • OwnerGoodall Homes
  • Scopefull site development on this job, including everything from erosion control through paving