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About This Project

General Overview

The first phase of the Laurelstone housing development project in Murfreesboro saw Southern Site crews perform a broad scope of work, including mass excavation, sanitary sewer, storm, water, and electrical. We were also responsible for managing several subcontractors on this job. Those subs were responsible for traffic modifications, asphalt paving, striping, curbing, and site electrical.

Challenges and Unique Features

We overcame several challenges at Laurelstone, starting with the high visibility of the job site. The development is located within the Murfreesboro city limits — the site is quite close to both Oakland Middle School and Oakland High School, as well as several local churches.

Additionally, we had to manage multiple subcontractors, which always means that we need to thoroughly plan ahead and communicate clearly to make sure everyone has the time and resources they need to complete their portion of the job successfully.


Our Results

We completed all of our work at Laurelstone on time and on budget. All told, we installed 2,480 linear feet of offsite sanitary sewer and 1,600 LF of onsite sewer. Then, we performed 2,600 LF of storm line installation, ranging from 15” to 42”. We also installed a tapping sleeve on an existing 16” DIP pipe and put in 1,550 LF of water line.

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  • Type of WorkSite Development
  • LocationMurfreesboro, TN
  • OwnerGoodall Homes
  • ScopeMass excavation, sanitary sewer, storm, water, and electrical