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Ivey Farms

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General Overview
Ivey Farms is a 225-acre mixed-use development in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Southern Site handled a complete sitework development package. The front 25 acres of the site along Kingston Pike is a commercial development, with retail shops and restaurants.

The 25 acres behind that consist of multi-family apartment buildings, while the remainder of the site is a neighborhood of single-family homes with a community clubhouse and amenity center. The scope of our work on this project included earthwork, erosion control, concrete and paving, and utility installation (storm, water, sewer, gas, electric).


Challenges and Unique Features
One challenge we encountered on the Ivey Farms project was the extremely wet weather we dealt with during the winter months. There were also some unique features, like the construction of an arch bridge that crosses a stream. We needed to be very careful to be able to install this bridge without polluting the waterway with any siltation.

Another aspect of that stream that posed some challenges was the fact that it’s a protected waterway that runs right through the middle of the job site. We had to be extremely diligent with our erosion control measures to keep that stream clean, and we had zero issues with either the EPA or local municipal inspectors in that regard.


The first phase of this two-phase project — the commercial development — is now complete, and the second phase is currently under construction. All told, we performed 566,721 CY of earthwork, and installed approximately 16,300 LF of storm drainage, 17,950 LF of sanitary sewer, and 17,530 LF of water line.

We also installed about 41,715 SF of new roads and 93,734 SF of sidewalks on this site. Additionally, we developed nine acres of commercial building pad areas and 214 single-family home lots. Phase One was completed on schedule and on budget, and Phase Two is currently on schedule as well. Overall, we achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction for our client Goodall Homes on the Ivey Farms project.

Making this project even more impressive was the fact that it was the first project completed by Southern Site’s new Knoxville branch. We were confident that our team would be able to handle this ambitious job, but we were still quite pleased to see how smoothly everything went. Everyone performed their jobs in a professional manner, and we exceeded nearly all of our production expectations, while also learning how to function properly within this new division of our company.

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  • Type of WorkSite Development
  • LocationKnoxville, Tennessee
  • OwnerGoodall Homes