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Burgreen Farms

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About This Project

General Overview
Burgreen Farms was Southern Site’s first project in Alabama. Located in Madison, Burgreen Farms is a single-family residential subdivision where we handled all of the site development from erosion control through paving.

Burgreen Farms

Challenges and Unique Features
The main challenge of Burgreen Farms was the fact that we were working in a new state for the first time, with new vendors, new trade partners, and new team members. Outside of two people from our previously existing teams, everyone else that worked for Southern Site on this project was hired locally.


Considering that this was the first job for a brand-new branch of our company, we were pleased by how smoothly everything went.

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  • Type of WorkSite Development
  • LocationMadison, Alabama
  • OwnerGoodall Homes
  • Scopesite development from erosion control through paving