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Labor: Crisis or Opportunity?

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Let’s say you’re eighteen and healthy. You’ve just graduated after working every summer at the local hardware store. Now it’s time to start full-time somewhere so you can save some money and pursue your goals. 

The problem? It isn’t the absence of jobs—there are too many help-wanted signs in too many windows—but none of them offer you a future, and even fewer offer tools that you can use to build a career.  You’re willing to work, but you’re not willing to slave at something that goes nowhere, while being treated unjustly by your employer.

Whether or not you can relate to being in such a position, it’s a common refrain among the younger generation of Americans. More and more young people recognize that college isn’t the only route to a successful future, but alternate paths can be unclear, unmarked, or unpredictable.  In the words of M.I.T. professor David Autor, “The U.S. doesn’t have a job quantity problem; instead, it has a job quality problem.”

At Southern Site, we aren’t boasting when we say we don’t experience hiring as a crisis. We see it as a unique opportunity, and we’re humbled by the success of our retention. In several of our locations, the majority of our teams are made up entirely of young people under the age of 28. 

How are we successfully hiring and retaining people in the middle of a labor shortage?  It all points back to our leaders. They prioritize relationships and give from the heart. And it is making all the difference.

On top of that, we have strong career paths, consistent opportunities, with excellent training that exceeds industry standards. We also provide excellent pay; good benefits; and respect for each individual. 

The reason those things are in place? It goes back to our people. The great decisions that have brought us to where we are today have all been made by people. And it’s the same individuals who are shaping and molding our company into a place where you can find a future, a career, and even your life’s work. 

So, while the general consensus is that we are in a crisis, here at Southern Site we see it as an opportunity. We know young people want to work, and we have the work—and the support—to give to them. 

Stay tuned to read about our upcoming leadership training project. We’re not just training foremen—we’re giving our whole company the chance to grow. 

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