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Corbitt Dorris

Operator and Pipe Layer

Started at Southern Site: 2017
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Q: What kind of experience do you have in this industry?
A: I’ve been with Southern Site since 2017, but I had been in this industry for a decade before coming here. My family owns construction companies in Springfield, so I grew up loving machinery. I grew up operating trackhoes and stuff like that, so it’s like I’m never working when I come to work. I just love it that much. I’m going on vacation every day.

Q: What brought you to Southern Site Contractors, and what do you enjoy about working here?
They have great people here. I’ve known Ryan for a long time, through family and friends. There’s all kinds of new things you can learn, and they give you a chance even if you don’t know anything. If you don’t have experience, they’re willing to teach you. If you have questions, no one’s scared to answer them for you.

Q: How would you describe the culture here?
A: Everybody takes care of one another. We’re just one big family. We all make sure everybody’s taken care of and safe. If we have a slow day, we’ll show people how to operate equipment or lay pipe. It’s a good learning experience. You can do anything you want here.

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