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Chris Lee

Safety Inspector

Started at Southern Site: 2019
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Chris has been in construction since he was enlisted to work for his dad’s company as a kid. He’s got an easy-going nature and a solid work ethic, enjoying things like cornhole and cooking out in his free time.  When he’s not too busy, he likes to take his girlfriend and her son out to the lake or find adventure on a road trip.

He naturally gravitated toward a career in safety because he’s always been the person looking out for the well-being of others. He takes every opportunity to teach his fellow employees proper techniques and safe ways to do their jobs. If he’s honest, catching potential hazards on the job site is something that keeps him up at night.

The thing Chris loves the most about Southern Site? It’s the people.  He counts them among the best humans alive and is proud of what we can accomplish as a team. His mentor, Toby Ellis, has been an amazing person to learn from, and Chris is excited about the opportunities that continue to unfold at Southern Site.

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