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Construction isn’t a Cookie-Cutter Industry

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People with a variety of backgrounds find a home in the construction world. Read how a few found their place at  Southern Site.

There’s a huge difference between stereotypes and reality. While this may seem obvious, outdated assumptions still plague the construction industry. At Southern Site, it takes a very diverse team to get things done—no carbon copies. Keep reading to learn how three of our employees from different backgrounds found their fit in the construction industry. 

HR & Communications Manager Nikki DeLuca

Nikki is a strong communicator, very smart, but also very humble. Being an incredible resource for people and highly capable led her to pursue a variety of interests before landing at Southern Site. 

Included in her adventures? Radiology studies; #1 hardware salesperson for Sears in the Southwest; and one year as a loan officer in her ancestral home of Cambridge, England.

When she took a job as assistant purchasing manager at Goodall Homes, Ryan Clinard, who would go on to found Southern Site, noticed that Nikki had some talents that weren’t being utilized in her role. “Come with me,” he said, “we’ve got things for you to do.” From an administrative role to HR and Communications Manager, Nikki’s passion for people is immediately apparent. Her love for people is what connects everything she’s ever done.  “We have so much fun,” she says of her Southern Site team, “I want to help everyone succeed.”

Operations Manager Patrick Patton

Patrick went to school for English Literature thinking he might want to teach, but low wages and lackluster career options had him working in his dad’s bars and nightclubs during and after college instead. When his brother got a job at Goodall Homes, Patrick didn’t hesitate before changing industries. He came on as assistant PM and soon moved into a Project Management role.

Like Nikki, he accompanied Ryan Clinard to Southern Site and applied his interest in helping people to his current role as Operations Manager. Patrick is now working to refine processes across the company’s three locations. “We grew so quickly, so we’ve got to sync the way we do things for the next growth spurt.”

Patrick likes his job because he is consistently learning, trying new things, and working with a lot of big personalities. His interest in people and their individual stories is what makes him a good leader in construction:

I think it helps to be able to read people and see what they’re best at, pull that out, and get them in the right position to work within their strengths. We operate in a grey world, a grey environment, but as much as possible I try to keep people clear on what their goals are. We all want to know if we’re winning and losing. If the company is successful, we’re all successful, and that matters to people. We’re a team.

As for English? Patrick still reads all the time, now more so by listening to books and podcasts.

Construction is a Great Career

Humility, learning, and work ethic go a long way in construction. Because there are an enormous number of roles to fulfill, you can come into construction from nearly any background and grow to wherever you see yourself. At Southern Site, our team is rich because we have a wide variety of skills, backgrounds, and personalities—and we’re dedicated to solving problems together.