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Our Team Members are Everything

To us, building a strong team starts from the top down. Only when we take care and trust our team can we expect the best work from them. 

Entry Level Laborer
Pipe Layer
Finish Grade Operator
Haul Truck Driver
Entry Level Operator
Rough Grade Operator

We're Proud of Our Benefits

Beyond a paycheck, we invest in the best benefits available, so our team members can take care of themselves and their families. After 31 days, we offer everyone on our team $0 deductible health insurance plans, 401K, life insurance, vision plans, dental plans, and disability.

Weather Day Program


Life Insurance

Short term and Long term disability


Paid parental leave

Rain Day Weather Program

Our rain day program is essential to taking care of our people in the event of rainy weather, which is often in our area. Even when we can’t work due to wet conditions, we compensate everyone on our team so they can still provide for their families.

Learn more about how our rain day program works

Career Paths

Beyond the benefits and compensation we offer, our company is growing extremely fast, offering opportunities for growth for those who want it. We’ve had many people start as a laborer with no experience who are now leading crews and managing projects. All you need here is a good attitude, strong morals and will to work.

Starting position - Labor
Haul Truck Driver
Entry Level Operator/Pipe Layer
Rough Grade Operator
Finish Grade Operator
“I have a great bunch of guys that work for me at Southern Site. We have a true team mentality. Everybody functions well, and everybody accepts everybody else. There’s never any drama or trouble. It’s all positive.”
Robert “Bubba” Sellers
“Southern Site Contractors is a great company because there’s so much growth potential here, but there’s still a family feel regarding how it’s run and how people interact. It’s a laid-back atmosphere, but there’s still structure to it as well.”
Erin Eckard
Assistant Project Manager
“We’re becoming a larger company, but we still have a small-company feel. Southern Site also has a lot of things to offer that most other companies in the industry don’t have, as far as benefits go.”
Chandler Gant
Erosion Manager
“This is the first job I’ve ever had that I didn’t wake up every day hating my life because I had to go to work. Everybody at Southern Site Contractors seems happy. Everybody is fun to work with. If you like working outside, and you don’t mind getting dirty, then it’s a great job.”
Aaron McDaniel
Logistics Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do background checks and drug test?


Do you work year round?

Yes. Check out our Weather Day Program as well!

Average work week?

In the summer, a grading crew can work up to 65 hours a week and in the winter about 35-45 hours. Utility crews average between 50-55 hours per week year round.

How should I apply for a position at Southern Site?

You can apply HERE.

Do you have a review process?

Yes. We have a 90 day review after beginning your position and then yearly reviews.

Do you provide workwear?

We provide shirts, hoodies, jackets, safety vests and hardhats. You are required to wear jeans or work pants and work boots. Safety toe boots required on a utility crew.

Do I begin my work day at the office or the job site?

Aside from erosion control crews, everyone is able to go directly to the job site. Erosion control dispatches from the office.

Where are your job sites?

Our job sites are generally in middle Tennessee, as far north as White House and as far south as Spring Hill. We also have job sites in Knoxville and Huntsville, AL.

Open Positions

Southern Site Contractors is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Southern Site does not discriminate on the basis of RELIGION, COLOR, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN, DISABILITY, CITIZENSHIP STATUS, OR ANY OTHER PROTECTED CATEGORY.
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