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Women in Construction at Southern Site

At Southern Site, we love good humans and consider them the reason we’re in businesses.  Some of those good humans we’ve managed to bring on are women. They work hard, bring a unique perspective to the team, and form strong relationships in a historically male-dominated world.  We wouldn’t be telling […]

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Southern Site Contractors Weather Day

At Southern Site Contractors, we understand how much inclement weather can mess up any construction company’s plans. On a rainy day, everyone in the construction industry knows they might get the call to stay at home. At most companies, that means you don’t get paid for the day. But at […]

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The Role of Technology at Southern Site

At Southern Site Contractors, we have experienced firsthand how much the latest technology can streamline our operations. Our integration of technology starts in the field, where our usage of GPS in our dozers and trackhoes allows us to be more efficient, while also improving our performance. Previously, we only had […]

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The Southern Site Company Culture

To put it simply, the Southern Site Contractors company culture is one of family. We’re all very passionate people when it comes to what we do for a living. Sometimes, we’ll debate about what we believe is right for any given job, but at the end of the day, we […]

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